Suraj Adekola

Suraj Adekola is a contemporary Nigerian artist based in Lagos city. He works out of his studio in Lagos and is an academy trained artist with several joint exhibitions under his name. His pieces have been featured in auctions at Bonham’s in London and Terra-kulture in Nigeria. His work and style are diverse and reflective of the many perspectives we are forced to deal with everyday. Suraj has indulged in expressions from scenes to more abstract representations.

In his early career, Suraj started out working on scenes from daily life, from rooftops to market scenes. As is characteristic of many developing nations, these scenes are often unorganized mixes of color and activity. As his career developed, Suraj began to explore the relationship between the characters in his scenes and the environment, and between the colors that made up both features. This exploration led to the initiation of the artists ‘Purity Series’. In this series, Suraj plays with the idea of human impact and relationships with nature in what has resulted in a vicious visual romance.