Sarah Owusu

Sarah Owusu is a self-taught Contemporary Ghanaian Artist born in London, UK. Growing up, she always had a keen interest in Art and studied it up until she reached College where she took up Fine Art as an A-Level. However, that was the last of studying Art for Owusu. Since then, she has developed her own unique style, a style that is distinctive and consistent from the style of brush strokes and the colour structure she uses. As an Artist, her choice of medium is Acrylic and mixed media. Owusu has jointly exhibited with other Artists including the talented Jade Delecia and has participated in exhibitions such as the Other Art Fair through Creative Debut.

Owusu describes her style of work as OWUSUISM.

The term OWUSUISM is a form of her identity as it derives from her family name, Owusu. The meaning of Owusu is “Strong Willed and Determined”, two powerful words which she thinks describes her and her work as one that is “Bold, bright and distorted, mixed with a strong imagination and a blend of mistakes she chooses not to correct”.
The creative Artist paints the majority of her work in a distorted fashion and believes that things should not always be painted or emulated exactly as they are.

Follow Owusu on her journey as she paints images from her deep thoughts through the bristles of her precious brush.

 “God is the most famous, talented Artist and the Creator of all creations. I may be the one physically holding the brush, but it is He who executes it all.” – Sarah Owusu