With the world’s fastest growing population, some of the highest youth populations and a growing knowledge base, the possibilities are no longer a secret. Amidst all of this, something interesting is happening, a new sense of identity is slowly emerging and it’s spurred on by the fact that the continents people have been forced to look inwards for solutions. Thankfully the tools and resources allowing them to do so and connect are better than ever.

This appreciation of self is emerging alongside the question of what it really means to be African. The continent is finding new ways to share the aspects of its traditions that have defined it, finding new ways to share its image with the world and finding new ways to understand itself. We’ve started to see some interesting answers from contemporary thinkers across about what it means to be African and if the momentum continues, what will come out in the end is one of history’s greatest transformations.

I think this is Africa’s “Rebirth in the New World”, and Ferrum will be there every step of the way to share a selection of the many stories that the continent is speaking, and when we can’t be there ourselves to tell it, we’ll point you to the people we know can.

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